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$1000 Mystery Box

Lili's Glass

(Mystery Box will include random items from the list below with a value of $1000 or more)

                                                           Possible Artists

  • Toro, Wicked, Niko Cray, Jake C, Hamms, Robert Mickelson, Darby,  Hickory, SlateGlass, Morrison, SakiBomb, Steve H, SaiyanG, Wyoming MOFO, Eli Mazet, Suzewits, Snafu, WeeJay, NerveGlass, Aquariust, & More!

Possible Items

Heady Rig, Heady Dabber, Heady Accessories, Heady Vessels, Heady Pip, Bong, Heady Pendant, Terp Pearls,Heady Slides, Bubble Cap, Cones, Rolling Papers, Wraps, Rolling Tray, Gold Clipper Lighter, Mood Mats, Lillis Gear, Oil Slick, Stickers, Baller Jars, Heady Accessories & More!

Collections: $500 - $1500, $500-$1000 package insurance

Type: Unknown Type

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