Head Choice Journey Pipe

Lili's Glass

he virtually unbreakable Head Choice Journey3 is the perfect pipe for on-the-go dry herb use. Featuring a zinc-alloy construction, this innovative pipe sports a simple three-piece design—ensuring a quick and easy cleaning process.

To extinguish your bowl, simply swivel the top of the Journey3 closed; it’s magnetic snap-action lid provides an airtight seal to prevent spills and air leaks. The Head Choice Journey3 is equipped with a smoke-cooling channel, delivering you smooth and enjoyable pulls.


Even after a thorough cleaning, screens can hold onto harmful properties of burnt matter. That’s why the Journey3 features innovative Filter Gap Technology, eliminating clogs and the need for screens. Head Choice strategically designed a vertical gap at the edge of the bowl to make clogging the filter almost impossible.


With a simple three-piece design, the Head Choice Journey3 pipe can quickly be deconstructed for maintenance. To clean, simply soak a cloth or swab in isopropyl alcohol, and thoroughly wipe down the Journey3 to get it looking as good as new.


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